A global Digital Growth Strategy: Increasing Hop.City revenue with Direct Carrier Billing

Hop.City success case

Discover our Success Case where we present our step by step action plan to create a global digital growth strategy for Hop.City. Our DV Ticketing Team helped one of the biggest scooter providers in Poland, to grow its revenue with Direct Carrier Billing. Thanks to our expertise, we increased the number of app users by making it accesible to Carrier’s PLAY subscribers. We invite you to read the full Success Case below!

All about Tik Tok: fast growing next generation app

More about Tik Tok

Tik Tok, a video-sharing platform, became one of the most fast-growing apps in today’s world. With millions of youngsters, it became a place for brands to reach the generation of tomorrow. In this article we will analyse the potential of this significantly new platform and why you need to use it for your advertising.

MEF: Steps the industry needs to take to ensure a sustainable Direct Carrier Billing ecosystem

how to ensure a sustainable DCB ecosystem

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) asked industry experts about how to tackling fraud in Direct Carrier Billing. They shared their thoughts on steps the industry needs to take to ensure a sustainable DCB ecosystem. Frederico Rosato, Pre-Sales and Marketing Director at Digital Virgo, emphasized the importance of unleashing the potential of a safe digital monetization market by fighting fraud together.

Fuze Forge is now available in Mexico

Fuze Forge is now available in Mexico

The brand of Digital Virgo Group’s Gaming platform, Fuze Forge, is now available in Mexico. Thanks to the new regional agreement with the major Telecom Operator América Móvil, the Digital Virgo’s DV Content service could be rolled out in other Latin American countries.

10 Tips to Avoid Fraud in Direct Carrier Billing Ecosystem

Tips to avoid fraud in DCB Ecosystem

As Carrier Billing is growing globally, fraud management in DCB is a current rising issue that concerns all players in the ecosystem. Digital Virgo – expert in the field of Telecom Payment – & Evina – expert in mobile fraud – work together in order to offer the most complete anti-fraud solution for both Telecom Operators & Merchants.

In this article you will find an infographic which includes the main tips to minimize the risk of fraud in DCB ecosystem made by Evina & Digital Virgo.

CRO: 5 tips to provide the best customer journey

CRO: 5 tips to provide the best customer journey

An effective user acquisition strategy is an aim for many marketers in today’s competitive market. The goal is to create a systematic and effective process that converts visitors into clients. We share with you 5 tips you need to keep in mind to provide the best customer journey for your business.

Direct Carrier Billing implementation with TVN24 GO

Access to the world's news with TVN24 Go

Constant access to the most important local and international news – is important both in everyday life and at work – especially today, amidst the currently whirlpool of socia-political events. Therefore, T-Mobile and TVN Discovery Polska have created a practical solution for individual customers with the operator’s telephone services subscription.