Launching Vodafone Jogos: new gaming platform in Portugal

Our DV Content Team created an exclusive gaming platform for our partner Vodafone Portugal. With more than 1000 games, Vodafone Jogos is the ultimate destination for users who want to find tons of quality games in one place. An irresistible content proposal that will be updated with the best games of the moment!
DV Content launching a new gaming platform for Vodafone Portugal

One App, Endless Fun!

Accessible from any device, Vodafone Jogos, a new gaming platform created for Vodafone Portugal, is presented as the never-ending playground for the gamer that lives in all of us. With more than 1000 games coming from +40 providers, the new premium gaming platform guarantees a high-quality product portfolio.

It includes a wide range of games types and categories: Single and Multiplayer, Live challenges, Arcade, Action, Puzzle, Brain, Sport, Racing…And, as if this were not enough, Vodafone Jogos offers:

  • Content handpicked by experts
  • 300 high quality HTML5 Games and 700 downloadable Android Games
  • Personalized experience – One Synchronized Account for an Open Playground

Discover the irresistible content proposal created for our partner Vodafone Portugal:

Easy Payment Access with DCB integration

Vodafone Jogos integrates Direct Carrier Billing, implemented by Digital Virgo’s DV Pass solution. It conveniently enables to charge consumers for content purchases via their mobile phone bills. DCB is proven to be fast and secure, making increasing conversion rates for operators and providing safe space for customers to manage their subscriptions without exposing their bank card details.

A strong focus on Gaming

In Digital Virgo we are fully focused on the Gaming vertical as it has more and more fans worldwide. According to Newzoo report, the global games market is now worth of $159.3 billion, increasing its revenues by +9.3% in comparison with 2019. Besides, by the end of 2020 there were more than 2.7 billion players worldwide.

With Vodafone Jogos, the Group is again demonstrating its ability to create premium gaming services adapted to the needs of its clients.

More about DV Content

Digital Virgo, within its DV Content expertise, creates, distributes and monetizes web services and applications in the most popular fields: Gaming, VOD, Sport & Health, Music, Reading & Learning, Social Dating and Youth.
Our  Teams are experts in creating revenue-generating products & aggregating premium content adapted to the needs of the target audience.

Want to know more about Content Monetization via Direct Carrier Billing? Discover DV Content by Digital Virgo.

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