Launching Goles TNT Sports with Movistar Chile

The premium service Goles TNT Sports (previously called CDF Goles) launched by Digital Virgo and the famous broadcaster WarnerMedia, is now available for Movistar users in Chile. The service, which is also directly connected with WOM and Claro, is supported by Direct Carrier Billing. This secure payment method provides the Carriers’ users with a comfortable way to pay for the service via its monthly bill.
Digital Virgo poster about launching Goles TNT Sports with Movistar Chile

Customizable and immediate football premium content

Digital Virgo’s DV Content Team launched a new premium service to monetize all Chilean football content in an innovative and attractive way. In partnership with WarnerMedia, the owner of the local football license, our Teams created Goles TNT Sports: a service to enjoy goals in real time dedicated to true football fans.

Goles TNT Sports is a customizable service in which users can choose their five favourite teams to receive goals in video format in their mobiles via SMS.

Each message includes the video, the team, the player and how the score is going. The goals service also includes a news section to keep users updated with the latest events, teams and players statistics, and the highlights of all matches. In addition, the premium service incorporates a fan zone where users can enjoy exclusive pictures, wallpapers and best moments that have not been broadcasted.

Goles TNT Sports is supported by Direct Carrier Billing, providing Movistar, WOM and Claro users in Chile with a comfortable way to pay for the service via its monthly bill. A fast, simple and secure payment method, ideally designed for digital services.

Our DV Content expertise

Digital Virgo, within its DV Content expertise, creates, distributes and monetizes web services and applications in the most popular fields: Gaming, VOD, Sport & Health, Music, Reading & Learning, Social Dating and Youth.

Our Teams are experts in creating revenue-generating products & aggregating premium content adapted to the needs of the target audience.

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