The independent label PLAY TWO creating a link between the artist YUZMV and his followers

Digital Virgo continues its collaboration with the independent label PLAY TWO and organizes an innovative contest for the release of the new YUZMV'S EP - "6side".
visual of an exclusive solution of interactivity dedicated to label artists

Following the success of the first operation last summer, the label PLAY TWO wanted to renew the solution that had worked so well before, for the launch of the latest single by French rapper YUZMV.

In fact, by calling a geographic number (cost of a local call), fans could exclusively access 30 seconds of the artist’s new single. This time, the feature was based on a contest to promote the launch of “6side”, YUZMV’s new EP, and thereby reward its fans.

The concept remains the same: call a number for the price of a local call, and try to win a signed album from YUZMV. The promotion of the contest has been made on the artist’s Instagram account, in order to target its main audience and to thank its followers for their loyalty by offering them a signed album.

An audio tool that brings you closer to the artist

The caller calls to a geographic number (price of a local call) and gets directly a message from YUZMV inviting him to leave his contact information if he wishes to validate his participation, as well as a voice message addressed to the artist.

A successful communication strategy

The device was set up only a few days before the release of the EP, allowing to create a real buzz around the news: an Instagram post and a story in Instagram Story Highlights with a visual of the phone number, allowed to alert the fans about the contest.
The results were very encouraging: nearly 15,000 “likes” and hundreds of comments on the artist’s Instagram publication, thousands of calls and more than 50% of callers left their contact information.
In addition, an SMS push was also sent to the opt-in contact database, collected during the previous operation this summer.

360° support from Digital Virgo

As part of this operation, Digital Virgo has put all its marketing and technical expertise available for PLAY TWO:

•Audio technical support, by providing the label with the geographic number
• Sending of a push SMS on the day of the release of the EP to warn the fans who participated in the first operation (opt-in contact base in France and internationally, with a URL link to listen and download the EP)
• Recommendation on the communication of this promotional operation
• Creation of the interactive voice server
• Traffic monitoring and analysis
• Reporting and optimization recommendations

Instagram post with the details about the contest (in French)

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