Introducing MT TV, Maroc Telecom’s new TV platform

The new MT TV platform becomes the basis of Maroc Telecom's VOD offer. It replaces their initial TV over ADSL service with a multi-screen OTT offer - an innovative service that is revolutionising the way we watch TV, offering advanced features, tailored to the needs of subscribers, not to mention new content!
Poster with Maroc Telecom new TV platform

MT TV, a new generation platform with Premium features, core of the Moroccan operator’s TV & VOD offer

Maroc Telecom has chosen its long-standing partner, Digital Virgo, to assist it in setting up a Live TV & VOD solution for its fixed and mobile customers. With MTTV, Digital Virgo has created a tailor-made service for the operator and has incorporated the best of Cloud TV:

  • The integration of Digital Virgo’s unique payment API which offers payment methods adapted to all acquisition channels and user profiles.
  • A proven platform that incorporates the best features of Cloud TV.
  • Exclusive content negotiated by Digital Virgo for the MT TV service.

A platform branded with Maroc Telecom’s colours

A tailor-made service that meets Maroc Telecom’s requirements, with the aim of offering an innovative platform, premium features and content and proven technical stability. All this, in 100% Cloud! A turnkey service combined with a global distribution strategy, at the heart of the Digital Virgo offer, which includes:

  • Management of the relationship with media partners (Local, Regional and International Media Groups).
  • Technical integration of the platform with the specificities of Maroc Telecom.
  • Integration of the carrier billing system (Fix, Postpaid and Prepaid).
  • Adaptation to the distribution zone, taking into account the cultural, technological and regulatory framework.
  • Aggregation of local and exclusive content, essential for a successful launch.
  • Financial and regulation management.

MT TV, the best of Cloud TV for Maroc Telecom subscribers

The new MT TV platform becomes the foundation of Maroc Telecom’s VOD offer. It replaces their initial TV over ADSL service with an OTT multi-screen offer – an innovative service offering advanced features, adapted to the needs of subscribers, not to mention new content!

The Digital Virgo teams have been working on adapting the main features of the platform to offer the best possible experience to Moroccan users:

  • Multi-screen to start watching a TV programme on your mobile, tablet or computer and end it on another screen.
  • Resume programs from the beggining, pause and rewind.
  • Over 80 channels available live.
  • A dedicated zapping interface that is easy to read and intuitive to navigate between TV programs and watch them in streaming.
  • Replay based on EPG.
  • Cloud recording of programs available.
  • VOD offer integrated in the Intermediate & Premium package: PlayVOD & Starzplay.
  • Parental control that allows users to filter the programs to be displayed according to the age group.
  • Possibility to subscribe to additional add-ons such as a special package for children or SVOD offer with exclusive licenses.

The integration of Carrier Billing via the monthly Fixed/Mobile bill or prepaid card credits allows Carrier subscribers to subscribe to the service or make purchases directly via the MT TV interface, resulting in a smoother user experience and therefore a higher conversion rate.

The Wiki of MT TV, Maroc Telecom’s Live TV

What will Maroc Telecom subscribers find?
All the local channels: AL Aoula, 2M, Arriyadia… the regional Arab channels: Rotana Aflam, Rotana Comedy, MBC5, LBC and the most famous French channels… But not only ! To know all the offer, please visit the website of the platform: click here!

Live TV, how does it work?
To access the Live TV of Maroc Telecom, you just need to download the application! This application centralizes many links from which it is possible to view the live broadcast of a channel.

How to use Live TV?
With a daily, monthly or yearly subscription, watch live TV whenever you want and wherever you want. Whether you want to watch movies, follow the latest TV series or watch live sports, you can do it easily with MT TV.

How to watch live TV for free on the Internet?
To watch live TV for free, you can use the Maroc Telecom’s application, which includes all the channels available in a single interface!

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