Interactivity Solution with DV LIVE and The Voice Francophone Africa Kids

Our partnership with The Voice Kids Francophone Africa in Côte d’Ivoire, the first country in Africa to have the program. Using our DV LIVE platform viewers can participate in quizzes and can win prizes. The interactivity via SMS allows the program to communicate, retain and monetize its viewership.
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Partnering with The Voice Francophone Africa Kids 

Our local team in Abidjan worked closely with The Voice Francophone Africa Kids team to deliver a high-performance interactivity solution for the VoxAfrica audience. The first African season of this program premieres in Ivory Coast and Digital Virgo is proud to be their partner. The premise of the interactive game is that the viewer simply dial #303*31# and then receives a question. They respond with the correct answer and go in to win cash prizes.  

Monetizing TV Audiences with Interactivity Programs 

DV LIVE is dedicated to supporting all forms of media in their digital growth. Our tailor-made solutions are created to fit into each ecosystem and to achieve our partners goals. DV LIVE provides the technical integration by offering a single point of access to all the features for TV competitions. Interactivity programs are the best way to monetize an audience and provide engagement.  

Our local adaptation means that our partners get the content that their audiences want to see.   

Reach out to our experts in your region today. 

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