Supporting French Touch with our DV Live platform

Every year, for several days, the French Touch invites viewers to discover and appreciate the best of what France has to offer - the French art of living, the exquisite cuisine, and an admirable culture... Among all the activities, the highlight of the event is always a TV show during which, famous artists are united to collect money for charity. For this occasion, we offered our DV Live platform to support the event – all the money donated by the viewers during the event directly went to the reconstruction of the hospital in Poland. We invite you to read more!
Supporting with our DV Live platform the event dedicated to French culture

More about Show French Touch  

Happening 7th time, the event’s goal is to bond two countries Poland and France into indestructible friendship and union. The highlight of French Touch is a fabulous TV show, an exceptional event, carried out by artists from the francophone world – coming to join forces with polish musicians to give remarkable performances.  
This time, charity was dedicated to the collection of money for the Hospital CSK MSWiA  (Centralny Szpital Kliniczny MSWiA w Warszawie) for renovation of A&E  (Accident and Emergency) department.  

How DV Live supported the event?  

With a short SMS and a dedicated number, people could quickly and easily donate to the charity thanks to our DV Live solution.  
DV Live, a Platform dedicated to Audience Monetization and Interactivity Programs, provides a Direct Connection to the world’s leading Telecom Operators with natively integrated Carrier Billing.  

More than 120 partnerships with Telecom Operators enable us to offer adapted interactivity operations and deliver Telecom Payment add-on to our Media partners. 

  • Telecom Payment included  
  • Operator’s flows monitoring  
  • Real-Time performance  
  • Participation Peak Management   

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