First on the Polish market to connect ‘Pay with Plus’

Digital Virgo Polska is the first company in Poland who commercializes the new Carrier’s Plus service “Pay with Plus”. The first Merchant to be connected is Gazeta Wyborcza. Read more about the service provided by our DV Pass solution and our partnership with the most famous newspaper in Poland.
First in Poland to connect the service Pay with Plus

Pioneer in the commercialization of “Pay with Plus”   

From the 5th of May, our Team in Poland commercially executed a new service “Pay with Plus” with its client Gazeta Wyborcza – the most famous newspaper in Poland. This, positions Digital Virgo as the first company in distributing the service. 

Thanks to “Pay with Plus”, the new payment method provided by our DV Pass solution, users of Plus can pay for daily articles and news about current events in Poland and worldwide via their phone bill. The Digital Virgo’s Telecom Payment solution provides a convenient form of payment that does not require any debit or credit card information. 

More about our Partnership with Gazeta Wyborcza 

We have a strong partnership with Gazeta Wyborcza, previously connecting its service and implementing Direct Carrier Billing to other mega Carriers – Play and Orange. Read more about it here.

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