Expert opinion: the White Label, a win-win business model for the Telecom Operators

Digital Virgo teams launched Digster and PlayCiné by Orange on February 8 in Cameroon, two white label music and cinema applications and web services, drawn under the Operator's brand. Renaud Ganascia, Group Sales Director and specialist of the African market, reveals the background of the White Brand and its benefits for Telecom Operators.
White Label Expertise and telecom operators

How is the White Label presented by Digital Virgo and who is it for?

Renaud Ganascia : When we are talking about White-label at Digital Virgo, it is mainly related to mobile operators products. We work with them as partners to provide product, content under their brand, logo and image. In another word, we create opportunities for mobile carriers to offer high quality service under their own identity. By this way, the end user remains in the Operator’s graphic universe and feels like the product is being offered by the Operator. The White Label can also be offered to other customers such as Key Accounts, who wish to communicate on services and content like music, digital playback, VOD, etc…    

What are the different shapes of the white label?

R.G : It is important to note that there are nuances in the White Label: 

  • The « white » label products offer an exclusive visibility to Operators or other customer’s brands. The original organization developing service / content will not be mentioned 
  • For the Grey Label, which Digital Virgo offers most of the time, the visual identity of the developers will be preserved while the customer’s logos will be added. By this approach, mobile operators can be beneficial significantly by other popular group partners brands such as Universal music or Digster by Orange.

Which business model is proposed?

R.G : The business model for this kind of service is based on revenue sharing. No or very little of implementation cost will be charged. Revenue generated will be distributed among parties.

What are the main benefits for the customer?

R.G : First of all, the economic model based on revenue sharing, which allows the customer to offer a quality service without any investment from its part. Another strength: the service is entirely managed by Digital Virgo’s teams and the customer is only responsible for the communication of the final product. He does not have to manage the technical and editorial problems, neither all the know-how of each proposed theme (music, reading, VOD, etc…). The White Label also allows the Operator to offer its customers services from major brands (ex: Universal Music), based on a revenue sharing model, Which may not even possible to acquire without Digital Virgo. Our local teams are also a major asset for the customer, it allows the creation and addition of content adapted to the local population, depending on the country where the product is implemented. In the longer term, to ensure the success of its White-Label services, Digital virgo sets up a very detailed plan with operators regarding the number of users purchasing, the revenue generated. The client therefore also benefits from detailed-oriented business operation.  Finally, the customer can choose to communicate independently on the finished product, using its own resources such as targeted push SMS messages on subscriber customer bases, but he can also count on the Group’s expertise in Digital Marketing via its DV Adtech solution.

The group’s latest white label projects?

R.G : In Senegal, we developed with our Youscribe partner a digital reading service for several brands such as YUP (Société Générale’s electronic wallet) or Orange. These services enable our customers to offer their users or subscribers a high-performance and innovative service providing access to education and training to the population. They counted on Digital Virgo on setting up and offering services under their brand.  In Brazil, based on an existing product called “Badabim”, the Group developed an application dedicated to children for the TIM Operator : “TIM Kids“. Our teams integrated playful content adapted to the Brazilian market. The application is fully customized with the Operator’s colors. Digital Virgo also manages the e-reputation of the product, customer care and completes the users acquisition through digital advertising. This partnership has enabled 3 million loyal subscribers and generated 20 million revenues. Even more recently, Digital Virgo just launched Digster by Orange and Playciné by Orange, music and video on demand services for Orange Cameroon in Douala (Cameroon). These services will be rolled out to other Orange Group subsidiaries in Africa in the near future.

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