EvenProd entrusts the monetization of their IDOLES series to Digital Virgo

With the release of seasons 5 and 6 of the successful TV series "IDOLES", Digital Virgo assists production company, EvenProd, in monetizing its offer in Africa.


Digital Virgo rolls out its DV Content monetization solution dedicated to content producers. EvenProd chose the PlayVOD service as the exclusive broadcast channel for seasons 5 and 6 of the IDOLES series. As part of the partnership, Digital Virgo has a 21-day content exclusivity on PlayVOD before the series’ broadcast on TV and YouTube.

The Group combines DV Content with its DV Pass mobile payment solution, which allows users to subscribe to the service via direct carrier billing for a quick and easy access to the app content.

Digital Virgo also uses its DV AdTech solution to implement performance-based mobile marketing campaigns. It allows EvenProd to generate qualified traffic as well as promoting the series, increasing its audience and customer loyalty.

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