Digital Virgo launches Cuore Xtra, a new premium eMagazine accessible via Direct Carrier Billing

Digital Virgo and Grupo Zeta have teamed up to launch Cuore Xtra, the new premium subscription service that brings together exclusive content from three of the Spanish media group's main titles. Cuore Xtra integrates Digital Virgo's Carrier Billing platform, so that users of the country's main mobile phone operators can access and pay for their favourite content quickly, easily and securely through their monthly mobile phone bill.
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Grupo Zeta, one of Spain’s leading publishing groups, has partnered with Digital Virgo to launch its new premium subscription service. Cuore Xtra brings together exclusive and premium content from three of the Spanish media group’s main titles: Cuore, Stilo and Viajar.

In addition to relying on our teams of experts for the creation, implementation and management of the service, Grupo Zeta has also entrusted Digital Virgo to incorporate payment via Direct Carrier Billing.

Direct Carrier Billing offers Cuore Xtra readers a simple, fast and easy mobile payment that drives conversion. A great opportunity for the media group to monetize its content, as the wider digital media audience is increasingly looking to access content on mobile and pay via the device they are already using.

In addition, Direct Carrier Billing is an ideal payment method to reach younger readers, as these readers often do not have a bank account or credit card, while in most cases they own a smartphone.

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Cuore Xtra, a premium service with exclusive, first-ever content

The new Cuore Xtra service, launched with our DV Content experts, brings together content from three of the Group’s main titles:

  • Cuore – with all the latest news from the world of celebrities
  • Stilo – with beauty and fashion content
  • Viajar – with the best destinations, plans, guides and local gastronomy

The content is both exclusive, which means that it will only be accessible through the new service, and premiere, which means that some content will be published first on the premium site and then made public through the free portals dedicated to each masthead.

In addition, the navigation within the service is unique, so that the user does not have to leave one masthead to access another, providing an enriched user experience.

A value-added content proposition to support Grupo Zeta in enriching its offer, improving its users’ experience and increasing its revenues through the monetization of premium content.

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