Digital Virgo launches Carrier Billing for Pango’s Mobile Parking Payment System

Pango, a Polish company offering a mobile parking payment system, integrates our DV Ticketing solution in Poland. This partnership provides a new opportunity for users of Carriers Play, Plus and Orange to pay for their parking services directly via their phone bill.
DV ticketing launching carrier billing for mobile parking in Poland

With the Pango App in Poland users can pay for their private parking and on street parkings with their mobiles.

In order to expand the access to Pango service, we integrated Carrier Billing as an alternative payment method. Thanks to this integration, Play, Plus and Orange subscribers can now pay for their parking directly via their phone bill.

DCB Payment Method provided by Digital Virgo

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)  is natively integrated in  Digital Virgo’s DV Ticketing  expertise providing a simple, convenient and secure payment method to  Pango customers.  It also  allows faster checkouts by not  requiring  users’ additional data such as bank details.   

Apart from offering an optimized user experience, this payment method maximizes Pango’s reach as it creates a direct link with new customers who don’t use credit or debit card.

More about DV Ticketing

DV Ticketing  purpose is to provide  innovative turn-key solutions for urban mobility ecosystem.  In collaboration with three major Carriers in Poland, DV Ticketing expands the access to Pango services. 

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