New growth opportunities for Merchants with Carrier Billing in Italy

Over the past few weeks, Telecom Operators have evolved their offer by making Merchants revenue share higher. It unlocks a new customer market in Italy. Read more about it!
Boost your revenues with Carrier Billing in Italy

Everybody wins 

To become the key players in Italy, Telecom Operators are changing their access conditions. Now Merchants have an opportunity to boost their revenues and expand their services with Carrier Billing.  

Why Carrier Billing?  

It is a fast and secure way of payment that does not require credit/debit card details and meets consumers’ needs. It not only creates new user flow, but also enables faster customer checkouts.  

DV Pass offer 

DV Pass connects and facilitates the connection between Merchants and Telecom Operators. This solution allows Digital Virgo’s clients to connect to the major Carriers in Italy. 

DV Pass purpose is to make payments for digital content fast, easy-to-use and secure. And now, with evolved access conditions, Merchants have new and promising growth opportunities in Italy.

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