– New DV Ticketing Merchant

Digital Virgo started a new partnership with in Poland. Our DV Ticketing Team integrated Direct Carrier Billing and provided a new way for Play subscribers to rent an electric scooter.
New Direct Carrier Billing integration visual

Expanding in the shared mobility area is one of the leading companies in providing electric scooters and mopeds in Poland. By integrating Direct Carrier Billing, Digital Virgo enables the easier access to shared mobility and  provides Play users with a fast, secure and convenient payment method. 

The flow for users is following:

1. User chooses amount (in PLN) to top-up his account in for scooter rides.

2. Then he authorizes his mobile phone as a method payment (by SMS). It is needed only for first transaction. 

3. User confirms the transaction and can start using a scooter/moped straight away. 

Integrated by our DV Ticketing solution 

Our DV Ticketing Team experts provide innovative turn-key solutions for urban mobility ecosystem. We provide monetization and payment solutions for the key players in the ecosystem by expanding the user market with Direct Carrier Billing implementation.

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