We are Glocal… More about our Global & Local DNA

Digital Virgo is an international company with a wide geographical presence in more than 25 countries. Digital Virgo Group holds more than ever its Global vision and Local values in a 'Glocal' perspective. Let’s dive into the core of the meaning ‘Glocal’ and what importance it brings to the company.
We are Glocal know More about our Global and Local DNA background

The term ‘Glocal’

So, what is ‘Glocal’? You can characterize it as an interconnection of Global and Local values in building a successful global company vision and identity. This term is widely used in Digital Virgo’s vocabulary as it accurately represents its diverse role in international perspective.  

By opening new offices our aim is to be closer to our clients’ needs. Our Teams adjust Digital Virgo’s Global experience in Local perspective.   

Think globally act locally  

Digital Virgo is focused on cultural and technological adaptation to achieve high-performing results for both Merchants and Operators worldwide. Digital Virgo holds as a priority to distribute, publish and monetize digital services regardless of the countries’ technological level. Our DNA is 100% Digital. Our expertise is international and is carried by our Local Teams.

Present in ….. 
Paris, Milan, Warsaw, Cairo, Slovakia, Vilnius, Saint Petersburg, Madrid, Roma, Lisboa, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Conakry, Bogota, Santiago, Lyon, Casablanca, Dakar, Abidjan, Douala, Ouagadougou, Kinshasa, Aix, Dubai, Istanbul, Tunis, Alger, Rose Hill… 

Our Teams share Global values and adjust all expertise and experience that we got through years into each city we are present in. Our company’s aim is to Be Global – Act Local – Be Digital

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