RTBF, the Belgian radio and television station of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, chooses Digital Virgo to manage its on-air interactivity

RTBF, the Belgian radio and television station of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, chooses Digital Virgo's DV Live solution to animate and manage its interactive on-air, TV and radio programs.

The RTBF chose to be accompanied by Digital Virgo following a call to tender linked to a public contract. Dedicated to the animation of its audience on all its media offers with the implementation of on-air interactivity, contests and SMS+ voting. On the one hand, for its ability to offer a scalable platform, created for the media and on the other hand, for its technical and marketing expertise. This decision is perfectly in line with the RTBF’s dynamic, as an active player in its community and a driver of expression and development for its audience.

“This new partnership with RTBF and consequently our development in Belgium is part of our international development strategy. The reliability of our platform, DV LIVE, as well as the marketing support of our teams are in total agreement with the expectations of our partners” Audrey Barbier, Partnerships Director.

Local adaptation to meet every challenge of the RTBF Group

As an international mobile payment player, Digital Virgo, via the DV LIVE solution, facilitates the relationship between the media and telecom operators by considering the media’s specificities and locally adapted operations.

DV LIVE is present in several countries and now manages more than a hundred media outlets around the world with one objective: to provide the best solutions. For listeners and viewers to adhere to on-air animations, it is essential to adapt the devices and to respond in a coherent and efficient manner to the needs of the audience.

DV LIVE, a tailor-made support with a scalable and proven technical platform

On-air interactivity requires daily adaptation of operations. RTBF’s teams must therefore be able to adjust or modify operations in real time, but also to analyze the results to maximize performance.
In this regard, the DV LIVE interactive marketing platform was designed to be fully integrated into the media’s spirit while meeting the requirements for efficiency and follow-up during major traffic peaks, or during the launch of important special operations.

Digital Virgo’s teams are present throughout the process, from initial migration to final use, and provide technical support as well as human support to the media teams during all phases of the implementation of an operation. This follow-up is essential in order to propose new game mechanics, created specifically to meet the challenges of the media and the expectations of the target audience.

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