Fuze Forge Cloud lands in Brazil integrated into Algar Telecom’s brand-new gaming platform, Game X Play

Brazil's most innovative Cloud Gaming platform is now available through the operator Algar Telecom. Fuze Forge Cloud, the Cloud Gaming service developed by Digital Virgo, has just been launched in the country. The service will be available in the Game X Play platform, that will also include mobile games, articles and video content covering everything from eSports to tricks and tips delivered by pro teams.
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The revolution of Cloud Gaming in Brazil: Fuze Forge Cloud

The Mobile Gaming Industry in Brazil is booming. The numbers speak for themselves… in 2021 the segment had a total revenue of $559 million, and it is projected to reach $1.18 billion in 2026 (1). In this context and taking into consideration that 5G connections will represent the 17% of the total in 2025 (2), Algar Telecom and Digital Virgo have partnered to launch Game X Play. The turnkey platform will enable the operator’s subscribers to access mobile games, eSports’ articles, video content created by experts and the country’s most innovative Cloud Gaming service: Fuze Forge Cloud.

But what is all the fuss around Cloud Gaming? Well, Cloud Gaming is the future of gaming. Cloud Gaming enables playing video games using remote servers in data centres, avoiding the need to download and install games on a PC or mobile device. The game is rendered and played on the remote server, but you see and interact with everything locally on your device. This means that you can play a PC game, with the exact same quality, on your mobile phone.

Fuze Forge Cloud is a revolutionary service, developed by Digital Virgo, that offers users a full Cloud Gaming experience. The platform gathers over 300 video games, from Retro Games (Pacman, Tetris or Streetfighter) to AAA titles (Darksider 2, Moto GP 22 or Tennis World Tour), accessible through multiple devices such as smartphones or smart TVs, among others.

One of the most defining features is the multiplayer experience, that allows several devices to play together using different interfaces and controls (keyboard and mouse, mobile phone, console gamepad). Also, the service permits users to integrate BYOL (Bring Your Own License) games, to access their favourite games purchased on STEAM and initialize them through the platform.

Over the next decade, we will see a natural evolution towards virtualisation of the gaming experience in the cloud. Not only video games, but many verticals are also exploring new formats and business models in the cloud. With the launch of our Fuze Forge Cloud platform, we are evolving hand in hand with 5G, presenting an OTT platform with a powerful catalogue of over 300 AAA games, indie and Retro titles, and native STEAM integration for BYOL (Bring Your Own License) gaming“, comments Enrique Galán, Product & License Manager at Digital Virgo.

We are delighted to partner with Digital Virgo to launch Brazil’s most innovative Cloud Gaming service. Our subscribers will be able to access hundreds of top-notch video games through our bundling offer. The future of the gaming industry in Brazil is very exciting and Algar Telecom will be at the forefront of it” Zaima Milazzo, President at Brain (Center of innovation in digital business, founded by Algar Telecom).

Mobile Gaming in Brazil, the billion-dollar industry

As mentioned above, the Mobile Gaming Industry in the country has exploded in the last five years. The forecast points out that in 2025 this segment will hit the billion-dollar revenue and by 2026 it will grow up to $1.18 billion (1).

More than 30% of Brazil’s population plays mobile games and in 2026 this number will skyrocket to reach 86.3 million users (1). These figures, paired with the fact that by 2025 83% of the country’s population will have access to mobile internet (1), we have the perfect combination to achieve a revolution in the industry. This revolution will have a special focus on Cloud Gaming as a catalyst of this change of paradigm. With an estimated Market Cap of over 6.5 billion worldwide, it’s safe to say that Cloud Gaming is here to stay (3).

In parallel, over 75% of the population of the country used a smartphone in 2021, a share that is expected to reach 84.2% by 2026 (1). The smartphone is, as a result, the most used device to play video games, way ahead of the second in the list, PC/laptops (1). During a survey carried out in Brazil in 2020, 53% of respondents spent one hour or more per day playing mobile games and 72% plays video games in their smartphone daily (1).

In the coming months we will witness the popularization of Cloud Gaming, leveraged by the expansion of Fiber and the launch of 5G. Digital Virgo’s Gaming solutions enable MNOs and ISPs to be part of the billion dollar gaming industry while building customer loyalty.” said Marco Barbaceli, Digital Virgo Brazil’s Country Manager.

If you want to know more about our offer and how we can help you integrate a turnkey gaming platform that will boost your revenue, contact out team of experts here.

About Algar Telecom

Algar Telecom, an Algar Group company, has a broad portfolio of Telecom and IT solutions to serve corporate (B2B) and retail (B2C) customers. The company offers high-speed fiber optic internet, premium mobile phones, voice, data and IT services, including cloud and network security services, as well as management systems for small businesses.

With 69 years in the market, it has a modern infrastructure, supported by a 122,000 km of fiber optics network that currently serves over 372 cities in 16 states of Brazil and the Federal District. For all these locations, the company invests in personalized, advising and effective service to deliver ever-increasing quality to customers.

A public company, not listed on the stock exchange since 2007, Algar Telecom is committed to the best corporate governance practices. There are over 4,500 associates – as the company’s employees are called – committed to maintaining a close relationship with its customers and high-class service delivery, with sustainable and innovative practices.


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