Digital Virgo, expert in digital solutions dedicated to Africa takes part in the Dakar Digital Show

Digital Virgo participates in the 3rd edition of the Dakar Digital Show, the first West African event dedicated to content publishers, media and digital professionals. Come and meet the Group's teams on December 5 and 6, 2018 at the King Fahd Palace in Dakar.

Digital Virgo presents solutions that address the issues of digital transformation, Dakar Digital Show’s main focus this year:

  • DV CONTENT: distribute and monetize digital content (Idols, YouScribe, Digster …)
  • DV TICKETING: offer digital ticketing via SMS
  • DV LOYALTY: animate and retain mobile customer base via chatbot, games, quizzes…
  • ADDICT: provide a complete performance-based digital marketing offer

Digital Virgo’s teams will also share these expertises during dedicated workshops:

  • How does Addict’s “glocal” strategy boost Digster’s development in Africa?
  • Digitalization of the press and digital reading (in partnership with YouScribe, Orange and Sonatel teams)
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