TF1 Group Channels are now available on DV CONTENT services in Africa

Offering the best content solutions to subscribers, DV CONTENT has just gotten better with a new deal to distribute 7 TF1 Group channels to Francophone countries in Africa. These channels will be available on subscription only services for all subscribers in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Senegal, and Tunisia. The deal, that started in June 2022, will last for 3 years.

Digital Virgo bringing the best TV Channels to subscribers 

Our team in Africa has been working hard to get the best content to subscribers. This new deal with TF1 Group, one of the largest audiovisual groups in Europe, is a great achievement for the team. Now Francophone countries in Africa can get the same great programs as in France. This deal means that subscribers can find the best in French and foreign tv series, films and news on their mobile devices

Entertainment for the whole family at your fingertips 

This service provides premium content from TF1 Group straight to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets through Carrier Billing. Providing 7 top entertainment channels that offer a range of films and programs for all audiences. These channels will be available on any mobile device and billed through the subscriber’s monthly phone bill.  

Subscribers can now access:  

TF1: which offers a wide range of entertainment. From news, films, and programs for the whole family.  

TMC: providing straight forward programming with a focus on entertainment, live concerts, and movies. It’s the no. 4 French channel for people aged 25 – 49 in France.  

TFX: a mix of reality TV, blockbuster movies and can’t-miss TV, is perfect for younger audiences. 

TF1 Series Films: exclusively for movies and foreign series. The eclectic mix of big-name TV series, cult classics and premiere movies is perfect for everyone.  

LCI: the well-known news channel in France provides in-depth debate and analysis on the latest topics.  

Histoire TV: discovery series, films and documentaries covering all countries and periods of history.  

Ushuaïa TV: offers an experience that excites the senses while learning about our amazing planet.  

Find more information here.  

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