SMS Digital Tickets for Buses in Olbia, Sardinia, are now available thanks to a new partnership with ASPO 

We are very proud to announce our partnership with ASPO, the public transport company in Olbia, North of Sardinia which allows customers to buy bus tickets through the Carrier Billing payment method. Thanks to this partnership, public transport ticketing has never been easier. TIM and Vodafone customers will be able to buy ASPO bus tickets directly through their mobile phones by sending a single text message. This easy and secure payment is charged on the customers phone bill, no credit card or account information is needed. Starting from the end of September 2022, the service will also be extended to WINDTRE users as well. Discover how DV Ticketing has connected these key players.

How does it work?  

ASPO’s new ticket sales method, developed with DV Ticketing solution from Digital Virgo Group, will be available to all customers from TIM and Vodafone starting from the 13th of July and will be extended to WINDTRE users from the end of September in the city of Olbia, in the North of Sardinia. This allows customers to purchase a bus ticket through their monthly mobile phone bill.  

By sending an SMS to a unique number, 4882883, with the word “OLBIA” the customer receives a single-use ticket. While sending the word “OLBIA24” to the same number, means the customer will receive a bus ticket valid for 24 hours. These tickets are available to use throughout the city of Olbia.   

The DV Ticketing solution with the Carrier Billing payment method is a highly preferable method for buying transport tickets since all you need is your smartphone. This approach makes transactions safer since there is no exchange of credit card or bank account information. This easy and fast system makes the customer’s bus ticket available in a matter of seconds through a link in an SMS. This cuts the need for paper tickets, making it better for the environment.   

Implementing a global strategy to improve payment efficiency  

Along with integrating the Carrier Billing technology in the bus ticket partnership for ASPO, DV Ticketing worked with our partner to implement a global strategy to get the most out of the new mobile payment method.   

Our advertising and user acquisition experts have worked closely to create a strategic campaign to promote this alternative payment method to allow everyone to pay for their bus ticket, even if they don’t have a bank account. This will generate new user acquisition and boost payment via SMS. Addressing the entire ecosystem of payment is part of our DNA. For DV Ticketing, we must consider every strategic aspect of a partnership such as monetization, local adaption, and digital marketing.   

“We are proud to partner up with ASPO to offer a powerful alternative payment solution that helps our partners, transport companies, and Telcos, to maximize their revenue and attract new customers. Through this partnership, Digital Virgo Group consolidates its position as a leader in the Carrier Billing industry in the transport industry ecosystem in Italy.” Ilaria Recami – Payment Sales Manager Italy 

Learn more about the DV Ticketing platform  

Our DV Ticketing platform provides innovative solutions for public transport companies by integrating payment via the telecom operator’s billing system. Our platform manages the entire process, from the integration with the Automated Fare Collection systems of the client to ticket delivery, and the payment process. To fully understand the complete method, DV Ticketing also uses advanced analytics and reporting tools which provide our partner with interactive tracking and real-time data monitoring.  Discover more about our DV Ticketing platform today. 

Do you want more information about our ticketing solutions? Get in touch with our local experts.

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