Nonprofit Organizations can now benefit from Digital Virgo’s SMS & Recurring Donations at a Preferred Rate

Digital Virgo announces "Digital Virgo For Nonprofits", an initiative aimed at nonprofit organisations, offering free access to its expertise and services to optimise fundraising via SMS and recurring donations. By eliminating the usual fees and commissions, while retaining operator fees, this approach enables eligible organisations to maximise the resources dedicated to their core mission.
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Empowering Nonprofits Through Digital Innovation

Digital Virgo for Nonprofits program is an initiative to support non-profit organisations in their fundraising campaigns by providing access to technical services at preferential rates. This action underlines Digital Virgo’s commitment to positive social impact, aimed at facilitating the fundraising efforts of non-profit organisations and enabling them to focus their resources on their core missions. By eliminating financial and technical barriers, Digital Virgo aims to strengthen the potential for the action of charitable organisations, thus affirming its active role in supporting valuable causes through digital innovation.

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“The ‘Digital Virgo For Nonprofits’ initiative represents our commitment to putting digital solutions at the service of meaningful causes. It’s about more than technology; it’s our way of contributing to a more equitable society by empowering nonprofit organizations to maximize their impact”.

Guillaume Briche, CEO of Digital Virgo

Impact of SMS and Recurring Donations on both donors and Nonprofits

This offer includes two main services: SMS donations, to facilitate instant contributions via mobile phone, and recurring donations, which enable donors to give to a cause every month. These approaches offer great flexibility to donors while guaranteeing a stable source of funding for selected organisations.

Organisations wishing to benefit from the program will be selected according to specific eligibility criteria. The program aims to increase the effectiveness of fund-raising campaigns by associations, enabling them to focus more on their humanitarian, cultural, or social objectives. By eliminating the set-up fees and commissions usually charged, Digital Virgo enables selected organisations to maximise the donations they receive and devote more of their resources to their core mission.

This support not only increases the effectiveness of donation campaigns but also extends the reach of charitable work by reaching a vast network of mobile subscribers. By facilitating access to greater funds, Digital Virgo helps nonprofit organisations amplify their impact, making a significant contribution to causes that improve society.

Digital Virgo demonstrates an ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by seeking to create a lasting positive impact, proving that technology and expertise can be used to serve the greater good.

Digital Virgo For Nonprofits, an essential pillar of Digital Virgo’s Positive Impact Initiative

The “Digital Virgo for Nonprofits” program is part of the Positive Impact initiative, resulting from a cross-departmental collaboration within the Digital Virgo group. This initiative aims to generate sustainable value and foster continuous and ethical innovation. 

“The “Positive Impact” approach is the result of the collaboration between our teams since 2018. Our goal is to support sustainable and valuable actions. “

Emilie Roussel, Corporate Marketing & Communication Director

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