La SNCF Nouvelle-Aquitaine improves its user experience with SMS ticket service

The SNCF and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region are committed to improving the accessiblility on the TER train network. From October 9 2023, users of the TER train 25 line can buy their ticket by sending a simple SMS to 93330. An alternative means of payment that's convenient and secure. This new travel experience is made possible by the integration of Digital Virgo Group's DV Ticketing solution, which enables the creation, distribution and verification of a digital ticket payable directly via the operator's invoice. This project is part of a several-month experiment on line 25 (TER), with a view to extending it to the whole region.
SNCF logo and Digital Virgo logo with a pink backgroung presenting the SMS ticket implementation

Towards Simplified Mobility: SMS Ticket service launched in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

From 9 October 2023 and until 9 April 2024, SNCF Voyageurs and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region are testing a new ticket purchasing method. From now on, users can buy their tickets directly by SMS via their mobile operator. The purchase takes just a few seconds and is ideal for those who are less familiar with digital tickets or don’t have access to the internet. This new service is available to Orange, Bouygues Télécom, Free and SFR subscribers.  

To respond to the needs of travelers, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and SNCF Voyageurs have collaborated to offer an alternative payment solution. Using DV Ticketing technology supplied by the Digital Virgo Group, the “SMS ticket” service for the TER Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a simple but solid solution, adaptable to the diverse requirements of customers. In addition to offering greater inclusivity, this method enhances the effectiveness of service offerings for companies seeking to diversify their sales channels.  

This initiative is a step towards improved user experience and mobility in the region. 

DV Ticketing Solutions for all urban mobility

Paying for transport tickets by SMS has many benefits for both travelers and transport operators. Buying transport tickets by SMS offers simplicity in usage, enabling travelers to book their journey without relying on an application or an internet connection. This method has been conceived to suit those with basic cell phones or limited internet access.   

DV Ticketing‘s solution improves accessibility and ensures transaction security, since there is no exchange of bank details. What’s more, it contributes to reducing the environmental footprint by reducing the use of paper tickets and preventing ticket fraud.  

In addition to digital ticket creation, Digital Virgo provides SNCF Nouvelle-Aquitaine with a management tool for tracking purchase statistics and controlling tickets on board. DV TICKETING also provides assistance to SNCF customer service.  

The testing of ticket purchases by SMS between the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and SNCF, in collaboration with telecom operators, presents a significant opportunity. It opens up a new source of revenue via surcharged SMS, while strengthening customer loyalty by offering a complementary service. In addition, this initiative demonstrates the central role of operators in the development of inclusive digital solutions, and could encourage further strategic collaborations with key players in regional transport. 

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