An Interview with Mounia Terhzaz, General Director for Africa in Strat’Marques

Our General Director for Africa, Mounia Terhzaz, sat down with Laussin Koffi-Kouakou for Strat'Marques for an in-depth interview about Digital Virgo's presence in Africa. The article, in French, is a great example of how alternative payment solutions are helping merchants and telecom operators reach new customers and retain their current customer base.

We are experts in mobile payment solutions, offering alternative payment methods and payment hubs for the distribution of content and services, particularly in Africa. Our company aims to address the low bank account ownership rate on the continent and provide access to quality digital services, including video, editorial, gaming, music, and urban mobility. In an interview with Mounia Terhzaz, Digital Virgo’s Africa Director, the company’s activities, offers, sectors of intervention, and goals were discussed. With Africa having a 35% bank account ownership rate, we provide dematerialized payment solutions, such as mobile money, e-wallets, and direct carrier billing, which cater to both merchants and consumers. The article highlights the increased consumption of digital content due to the pandemic, which is only expected to grow, and Digital Virgo’s position in the African market. It also provides information about the CEO’s background and experience, which includes over two decades of work in the marketing and telecommunications industry.

Mounia Terhzaz, the Africa General Director of Digital Virgo, explains that the company acts as an aggregator of alternative payment methods, with mobile payments being a significant part of their offers. They operate in e-commerce, providing access to digital content and services to mobile users, including those who are unbanked. Their clients are mainly SMEs and large corporations, including telecom operators, e-commerce companies, content creators, and others who require solutions for sourcing, tracking, collecting, and paying for their services. Digital Virgo offers global solutions with an approach that combines international expertise with operational knowledge of local markets. Our clients come from various sectors such as telecoms, e-commerce, international brands, and content creators. We offer solutions that contribute to the economic growth of the Ivory Coast and Africa, such as ticketing, mobile money, alternative payment methods, and online donations. Our services benefit content creators, telecom operators, the entertainment industry, and e-commerce.

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Read the full article here.

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