How Digital Virgo boosts audiences during major sports events like The World Cup

Big sports events are coming in 2023/2024, for example, CAN 2023, Rugby World Cup, Nations League and 2024 Euro. Today, less people are watching TV without using their phones, 51% of people interested in watching sports check live stats while watching the event. We know that sports events bring large audiences, which in turn brings consumer spending.  Digital Virgo has a range of solutions to boost and monetize your audience.
Screen of a football match retransmision

Evolution of TV audiences

According to Nielsen, the general population has increased its multi-screen viewing activities (social media, texting, playing games, ordering food) by an average of 5% over the last year. This percentage even doubles to 10% among Gen Z. In total, 47% of the people who watch sports on TV or digital platforms simultaneously watch other live content, a much higher number than the general population (33%). It means currently one screen is not enough, even though people still enjoy watching TV.

At the same time, OTT media is growing up, especially in the sports industry. This increase in consumption of additional sports content, both related to and not related to live matches, is especially high among younger generations. Furthermore, still according to Nielsen, 44% of fans aged 16-29 who watch non-live sports content related to live matches do so via digital devices.

The aim is to ensure that viewers continue to watch live sporting events and to increase the overall audience. Digital Virgo provides solutions to adapt to these new habits.

Digital Virgo solutions, platforms, devices, and partners to generate engagement and loyalty

To engage the viewers who want to see live updates, comments, and stats, while watching TV, Digital Virgo provides media companies with dedicated websites and applications accessible through a phone subscription, such as Clicnscores and MTFoot. These gives them possibility to follow their favourite teams and player information with a daily subscription. There they can also find news, articles and games.  

RMC Sport, M6, L’Equipe TV, are some examples of TV channels that already have a solution to create engagement during sports events. Most of them are working with DV LIVE to provide live games and interactivity programs. These operations aim to encourage people to watch live events and will be important for upcoming competitions such as the NBA Finals, Champion League Final, Rugby World Cup, and 2024 Euro

DV LIVE: TV games and interactivity impact

Our teams provide the media with expertise and technology from creation, distribution, and monitoring of operations. DV LIVE offers a single point of access to all the features needed to set up interactivity programs such as contests, surveys, autographs, and votes. Customer retention is a multifaceted operation,and our teams implement on-air interactivity devices that meet your objectives: building loyalty, animating and monetising your audience. Creating interactive solutions is not a one-size fits all, so our team’s expertise creates the perfect solution for each need, and local specificity, appropriate to your audience. 

Our services provide access to the operation’s settings, statistics, real-time monitoring, and the personalization of messages via a customizable interface with a user-friendly navigation.  

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