Digital Virgo integrates services into Open Gateway, an initiative led by GSMA and driven by Telefónica and the world’s leading telcos

Digital Virgo is now a service integration partner of Open Gateway, a global telco industry initiative to create an API-driven space to develop applications that will revolutionise the use of networks.
Digital Virgo logo and Telefonica logo with pink background to announce Open Gateway partnership

YBVR, a leading immersive streaming company, and Qwest TV, a platform dedicated to black music and global sounds, co-founded by Quincy Jones, become the first two services to be integrated into Open Gateway, by Digital Virgo. Through this initiative, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone, together with other international telcos, seek to transform telecommunications networks by opening up their capabilities to offer developers an environment to create new digital services, bringing out their full potential.

Through this collaboration agreement, Digital Virgo has worked hand in hand with Telefónica on Open Gateway to implement its know-how in service integration and exemplify the capabilities of this new network system.

The Open Gateway service integration framework has been an exciting experience for our technical teams. We are very happy to have been able to meet the expectations of and be part of an innovative and far-reaching project like Open Gateway,” says Fran Sanchez, COO of Digital Virgo Spain.

During Mobile World Congress 2024, which is being held from 26 to 29 February in Barcelona, it is possible to see at the Telefónica stand a demo of the integration of YBVR and Qwest TV in an immersive experience applied to sports, which shows the possibilities it offers for developers.

Óscar Louro García, Open Gateway Go-to-Market Director at Telefónica, said: “Just over a year ago the GSMA introduced Open Gateway to power a new generation of digital services. With Open Gateway, developers can use the full power of programmable networks to create applications that have a positive impact on industries ranging from startups to large companies“.

Open Gateway, led by the GSMA and globally supported by the world’s leading telcos, aims to transform telecommunications networks into programmable platforms to open the network capabilities to everyone and thus drive the creation of new digital services, accelerating and transforming development and innovation.

These capabilities are exposed through global, standardised APIs under the framework of CAMARA, the open source project led by the Linux Foundation and TM Forum in collaboration with the GSMA.

This opens the door to new products and services in different industries, such as fintech, communications, gaming, entertainment and much more. In addition, security will be a key focus, with all applications accessing these capabilities being monitored to ensure that they meet security requirements to protect users.

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