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Pay for parking via phone bill by just sending an SMS

Digital Virgo connects Play and SkyCash to its Direct Carrier Billing solution, DV Pass. An efficient partnership for an innovative service: the first mobile payment for a ticket service paid from an operator’s phone bill in Poland.
Pay for Parking via phone bill

Just an ordinary day. I drive to the city center to do some shopping. I need to insert some coins into the parking meter, but I am not sure how long it’s gonna take… Hang on, recently I have received a message from my mobile phone operator informing that it’s now possible to park a car by just sending an SMS. Let’s have a look …. Here it is.

I send an SMS with the keyword START to 80555. I confirm the activation of the mobile parking service by answering with the keyword ORDER. Next, I provide my car number plate and the name of the city. The parking time has just started.

I come back from my meeting. I answer to an SMS by sending the keyword STOP and that’s it.

Need to park again? Now it is even easier: I simply send START and my parking has been taken care of.

An innovative service made of an efficient partnership

Play is the first telecom operator in Poland, SkyCash is an expert in municipal payment and Digital Virgo offers telecom payment solutions. From a partnership between those three main players of the digital Polish ecosystem is born an innovative service allowing to purchase parking tickets by adding the cost to a phone bill. Digital Virgo, through its dedicated technological platform DV Pass (Direct Carrier Billing – DCB) connects municipal payments operator SkyCash to the billing process of the telecommunications operator Play, creating the technological environment that makes possible telecom payment.

The users do not need to have a bank account or a payment card. Being a Play mobile operator customer is enough (the service is available only for subscribers)

Mobilny Parking service can be tested for free

The service, called Mobilny Parking, can be tested free of charge for a period of 14 days. After this trial period the fee is PLN 4.99 for 30 days. Thanks to using a fixed subscription fee it is possible to offer mobile payments for parking tickets without any additional charges. Two parking ticketing methods are currently available: SMS and Chatbot Messenger.

Details at

Available on SMS and Chatbot Messenger

SMS Process

The user sends the keyword START to a free shortcode 80555. For the first payment, the user gives easily its details by SMS: car plate and city / parking zone selected. When registered, the user has just to send START or STOP to the free shortcode 80555 to manage the car parking. Payments are added to his Play mobile bill.

All cities and towns which are serviced by SkyCash are available in the service.

Chatbot Messenger Process

On Messenger, after opening the application, the user makes a search for Mobilny Parking and write START. He will then be asked by a chatbot to configure the service by providing the car plate and the city / parking zone. When the service access is activated, he can manage his parking by sending START and STOP. He will be charged on his Play phone bill.

Please note that it is necessary to place a mobiParking identifier (which can be downloaded and printed from SkyCash website) or simply a piece of paper with the word “mobiParking” in a visible place under the windscreen.

This launching is the first step. Next year, it is already planned to add telecom payment on SkyCash mobile application for parking and municipal transportation tickets. In the future, other ticketing services (e.g. cinema tickets) should be available.

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