Digital Marketing & Carrier Billing, the perfect combo for Growth

To support the performance of our clients’ mobile payment revenues and maximize the traffic of monetization solutions, we bring together all our expertise in terms of user acquisition. The dedicated teams work directly with GAFAM (Google, Facebook…) in the optimization of all available Digital Marketing levers: Search, Display, SEO, SMO, ASO … This know-how is based on a 100% ROI approach.

User Acquisition to boost traffic

Generate traffic and ensure profitability to your business

Our campaigns are displayed internationally and on all digital environments: Web, Mobile & Apps. We make sure to provide the right digital marketing content for consumers and grow revenues for both Carriers and Merchants.

+29 000+ campaigns &
$110 Million of media buying every year

A fully internalized media purchasing management and strong partnerships with key players of the ecosystem allow us to roll out 100% ROI performance based on Digital Marketing strategies. With thousands of advertising campaigns on Google & Facebook, Digital Virgo manages more than 100 million of media buying.

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User acquisition Expertise

bringing the best results with the strongest tools

The essential creative process

Our team provides creative solutions to determine what ads suit the most your customers. We work on proper graphical designs adapted to specific audiences and after research, our creative team translates all the ideas into creative pieces.

The user journey

We believe that effective user acquisition strategy should be an aim for any player in the telecom industry. Our goal is to create a performative strategy to effectively convert visitors into clients.

A/B Testing

Meet your customers' needs and expectation by regularly proposing new versions of advertising and thinking about more effective ways to boost visibility of your ads. There is no bad experiment, every test leads to new and valuable knowledge!

The Video Format

Video is the perfect format to increase consumer engagement and impressions in the campaigns. Traditionally, many brands starting from TV and now in digital world define video ads format as best practice for your product marketing.

Optimized Landing Pages

We help you to optimize your conversion funnel and reduce the number of unnecessarily interactions that would take too much of your customer's time. Our team tracks all activities and determine the right KPI to keep your ads performing.

Combining Advertising & Reputation for efficiency

Attract, seduce and trigger millions of users' buying act thanks to advertising... But more than that... Manage global digital marketing strategies by optimizing reputation and SEO.

mobile user acquisition visual

User research

User research focuses on understanding users' behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation and analysis techniques.

Defining User-Personas

A user-person is a representation of a customer type and is the answer to the question, "Who are we designing for?"

Customer journey map

A customer experience map is a visualization of the path a user-person takes to achieve a goal related to a specific activity or product.

A strong partnership with key players of the Digital Marketing ecosystem

Media & traffic providers

bring the most out of user acqusition with data management

Achieve the best results by mixing these two essential levers

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