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Social networks, the two-headed giants of Digital Marketing

There are the social networks we use every day, the ones that allow us to exchange, to share, to scrutinize… And then there are the social networks that sell, transmit and roll out advertising. Between editorial content strategies and media buying, Digital Virgo's specialists reveal their secrets to master these two-headed giants.
Expertise in social media optimization

The social networks’ dual personality

When we talk about Social Media Optimization (SMO) in Digital Marketing strategies, we have to consider the part dedicated to acquisition, via the purchase of advertising spaces, but also the editorial part that allows you to maintain the relationship between the new user and the brand.

Two separate expertise complementary of one another. But make no mistake. If today it is admitted that one definitely does not work without the other, it is also clear that the specificities of each are rather distant. All the complexity then lies in the ability of our experts to communicate, exchange, and provide coherence to their actions.

Elite marketers, infatuated with data

To face these giants, Digital Virgo can count on its team of elite marketers, experts of both the Google and Facebook ecosystems. Professionals in user acquisition and data management who combine performance and profitability thanks to the precise targeting allowed by social platforms. Likes, clicks, viewed contents, followed pages, subscribers’ interests… social networks are full of information that allows you to define precise audiences, categorize and map the users who are more likely to be interested. Data that allows you to rollout the right message, at the right time, to the right person. This first step allows for the acquiring of new users, but today this is no longer enough.

The Social Media Manager, acquisition teams’ best friend

It is essential to complete the acquisition process with editorial actions. This is where the word specialists, idea chasers and video addicts come in. Their editorial planning is their headquarters. They have a high level of expertise of all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn …) and their specificities. Best practices acquired through the constant tests and analysis made for each of their actions.

Their expertise: animate communities to ensure an optimal online presence of the brand. Engage the user with the right content, the right angle, the right format and the right tone…

Their final objective: improve the brand’s awareness, referencing and good reputation.

Paying to get new users is no longer enough. It is also essential to know how to retain them, to interest them, to develop their loyalty. A real mechanism is necessary to manage the multifaceted channels of actions. It requires the ability of being present on each platform of Digital Marketing, integrating the specificities of social networks and making advertising purchases and editorial animation interact in line with the brand’s objectives. It is the teams’ synergy and actions that allow Digital Virgo to count communities of nearly 800,000 people around a product such as WeezChat; or more than 400,000 fans for Clic’N Scores, its application dedicated to sports.

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