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Mention >> Digital Virgo supports Samsung Innovation Camp 2020 – Closing ceremony and winners at the University of Florence

Digital Virgo is proud to participate in the third edition of the Italian Samsung Innovation Camp. The edition has involved fifteen thousand students from fifteen different disciplines from across sixteen prestigious universities in Italy. Read more and discover the winner of the challenge we proposed to the students at the University of Florence: “The Next Big Thing for Telcos”.
Samsung innovation camp 22, awards ceremony

The closing ceremony of the third edition of the Samsung Innovation Camp for the Social Sciences Pole of the University of Florence took place last Friday 16th October. 

During the event, prizes were awarded to the groups that presented the best project to the two local companies participating in the Innovation Camp project, Digital Virgo and Gilbarco.

Under the concept “The Next Big Thing for Telcos” Digital Virgo presented a challenging project that would require the students to better appreciate the mobile carrier ecosystem and come up with innovative solutions that can be leveraged by mobile carriers beyond their traditional business models. Students would have to define a new B2B2C product concept and a coherent marketing strategy considering a budget of 100 thousand euros for the pilot solution.

The winning group for Digital Virgo’s Project Work is First Impact. The students proposed a platform called EcoTap that will be created in partnership with carriers. Based on the transparency and sustainability of the products, their aim is to offer the user a green experience that will be rewarded with credits and extra cashback.

We proposed a challenging project to the students: thinking about the next killer application for telecom operators’ customers. The challenge was aligned with Digital Virgo’s main positioning of supporting carriers in the management of a sustainable Carrier Billing ecosystem by developing global strategies made of payment, monetization and digital marketing.

It has been a pleasure to involve the students of the University of Florence in this project thanks to the Samsung Innovation Camp”.

Diego Conforti, CCO at Digital Virgo.

People in the picture featuring from left to right: Anastasia Buda, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Samsung Electronics Italia, Professor Nicola Doni, President of the Degree Course of Economics and Commerce at University of Florence, First Impact winner group (4 students + 1 in remote), Ilaria Recami, Sales Manager Payment at Digital Virgo Italia, Paola Caretti, Product Director at Digital Virgo Italia, Professor Andrea Paci, President of the degree course in Business Economics at University of Florence, Professor Daria Sarti, Department of Economics and Business Sciences of the University of Florence.

For more information about Samsung Innovation Camp, visit 

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Firenze, 19 ottobre 2020 – venerdì 16 ottobre si è conclusa presso il Polo delle Scienze Sociali dell’ Università degli Studi di Firenze la terza edizione di Samsung Innovation Camp. Anche quest’anno l’iniziativa è stata attivata nell’ambito del Laboratorio di competenze trasversali dei Corsi di Laurea in Economia Aziendale […]

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