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Digital Ticket: An efficient solution to prevent the spread of Covid-19

Because of the global health crisis, citizens around the world are looking for safer and faster ways to make purchases without moving from home. Online ticket sales proved their importance as an essential solution to replace traditional sales channels.
Digital Ticket - an efficient solution to prevent the spread of Covid1-9

Dematerialization reduces contamination risks

The time of long queues is over. Buyers can now purchase their bus, metro or cinema tickets without moving from home or making contact with unknown people who may transmit the virus. 

Indeed, e-tickets and SMS tickets are innovative, fast and secure solutions that came as a response to the new health security obligations.  

The users can purchase their tickets via apps, websites or simply by SMS. They send a Keyword to a shortcode then the virtual tickets are generated instantly. Concerning the payment, they have two options: credit card or Telecom Payment (micro-payment). 

The result is zero paper, zero delay and zero exchanges between people. 

What benefits for buyers?

  • Saving time – Online shopping saves users money, but also time. By avoiding unnecessary moving to ticket offices, they can remotely plan their trips while saving time.
  • Limiting travels – Users no longer need to travel miles by car or public transport. They don’t need to look for a parking place for their vehicles or stress out in traffic jams. While staying comfortably at home, they can order and buy tickets in a single click.
  • Limiting risk of Coronavirus spread: Dematerialization of payment allows users to buy remotely without having to get in touch with vendors or people in the queues. The virus is still circulating. We must remain vigilant and follow the instructions of the World Health Organization (WHO), which encourages the world population to avoid high-traffic areas where the probability of coming into contact with an infected person is higher. 

What benefits for sellers?

  • Saving time – For sellers, the dematerialization of tickets is an added value for their businesses. All the time lost in ticket sales, can be invested in other more rewarding actions like customer loyalty.
  • Saving money – By choosing an Online or an SMS solution, sellers can save a lot of expenses related to printing, logistical management as well as fees related to the points of sale.
  • Real-time sales tracking – Instead of waiting for sales reports, taking time to count the number of tickets sold. Today, with new digital solutions, businesses can track their sales in real time via dashboards. 
  • Building databases – The new dematerialized sales channels allow sellers to collect DATA and subsequently build qualified databases that they can use for future operations, events or concerts.

The “Digital Ticket” is more efficient than the Online Ticket. 

Digital Virgo has developed a platform dedicated to ticket monetization. It is no longer necessary to use a credit card to buy tickets. Today, the user can automatically generate his ticket by sending a simple SMS. Thanks to DCB (Direct Carrier Billing), the amount is deducted directly from the operator’s bill or a prepaid card. A simple, fast and secure way that is growing day by day at the expense of other payment methods.

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