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Payment of bus tickets via phone bill using SkyCash mobile application

SkyCash is the largest platform of urban services such as bus tickets in Poland. From the beginning of July 2019, a new payment method has been launched in the application. Users of mobile operator PLAY can now buy bus tickets and pay for them from phone bill (Direct Carrier Billing).
New payment method for bus ticket in Poland

SkyCash rolls out mobile payment via phone bill choosing DV Pass by Digital Virgo

From now, the SkyCash application users are able to choose PLAY’s phone bill (“Pay with PLAY”) as the payment method instead of SkyCash prepaid wallet or credit card. Thanks to the DV Pass by Digital Virgo’s solution, it is as easy as entering a code sent by SMS to make a simple authorization.

No need to have a bank account or a credit card

It is not required to have a bank account or a credit card to pay bus tickets. You only need to be a postpaid PLAY’s subscriber, to choose the right city and the right option in SkyCash App. The bus tickets is finally added to the phone bill paid once a month by the user. Transactions can be verified in PLAY24 application and an additional fee of 10% of the ticket value is added to the price.

A partnership between three big players in Poland

The technical platform is implemented by Digital Virgo which offers payment services via its DV Pass solution (Direct Carrier Billing – DCB) in cooperation with the Polish carrier PLAY and the municipal payments operator SkyCash (SkyCash Poland S.A.). All cities provided by SkyCash are available. A list of cities:

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