DV Live by Digital Virgo teams develop a new exclusive and interactive operation for Antenne Réunion

DV Live's expertise offers tailor-made interactivity programs for the Media. Innovative concepts adapted to the environment and the personality of the Media. Let’s take a look at the "Golden Ticket" operation created for Antenne Réunion.
Development of an exclusive contest, Golden Ticket, for Antenne Reunion

Golden Ticket is an operation designed and developed exclusively for the Antenne Réunion television channel. Throughout the month of August, the television show was broadcasted on a regular time schedule with the aim of building audience loyalty by giving them the largest prize ever distributed on the island: €5,000.

Every day, viewers had the opportunity to send by SMS the code “Golden” to 7010. A simple, fast and secure way for them to participate with the SMS+ system. Every day a winner is randomly selected. At the end of the show, all the winners participate again in a random draw with a guaranteed gift and for one of them the prize of 5000 €, the largest ever prize distributed in the Reunion Island.

A daily show on the Reunion Island television, coupled with an exceptional prize and a unique game concept enabled a high-performing interactivity program.

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