Direct Carrier Billing, the payment method with the largest reach

Get the most out of universal Telecom Payment method and offer to your customers an easy and fast transaction via Monthly Mobile Bill or Prepaid Credits.

Easy, Fast and sEcure payment method

How Direct Carrier Billing Works?

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is an online mobile payment method that allows users to make purchases directly charged to their mobile phone bill or prepaid SIM card. DCB works across all mobile devices and its accessible to any user having a subscription or prepaid plan with a telecom operator.

77% for Carrier Billing
10% for the Credit Card​

Boost digital subscriptions via Direct Carrier Billing.
A one-click payment solution with immediate access to the service.

Direct Carrier Billing Checkout flow

Enabling payment by only sharing the mobile phone number
carrier billing step 1 Digital Virgo

The user enters his mobile phone number to pay for the service

He is redirected to a webpage to confirm the payment

When confirmed, the user receives a confirmation message by SMS

The user is redirected to the product or the service he paid for

The Benefits of Mobile Payment via Direct Carrier Billing

For Telcos, Merchants and users

Greater Security

Direct Carrier Billing is secure. Consumers do not need to provide any sensitive personal data such as credit card or banking information.

Larger Financial Inclusion

Direct Carrier Billing is the best option for digital merchants looking to expand into emerging markets where a large proportion of the population remain unbanked.

Seamless user experience

Direct carrier billing facilitates a simplified online payment experience with a reduced number of steps required to complete a transaction. Consumers only need their phone number to pay.

Increased Conversions

Direct Carrier Billing leads to lower abandonment rate at point of purchase. Since the payment is convenient and secure, it has the potential to increase the conversion rates.

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You are a Merchant who wants to integrate Direct Carrier Billing? Discover its full potential and lead your business to growth.


You have a question about Carrier Billing?
We have an answer.

Direct Carrier Billing is a mobile payment method which allows users to pay for ther digital goods and services via their monthly mobile phone bill without the need of using a credit card.

Direct Carrier Billing is a one-click payment method. The transaction is made by entering the mobile phone number and confirming the payment. The flows and process depend on the Telco’s rules or local regulations.

  • The user sees an advertising or directly accesses the service.
  • By clicking on the ad or the service, the user accesses a page dedicated to the payment.
  • The user choses option to pay with mobile phone bill / Direct Carrier Billing
  • The user receives a confirmation via SMS message

Most of the time, consumers buy Digital Content with direct carrier billing (mobile games, subscription to music streaming services, single purchase of VOD …), but new opportunities are possible with new regulations which give the possibility to make transactions for new categories of merchants.

Direct Carrier Billing can be used to subscribe to Apps or Digital Content and Services or to buy content on online stores. With the new European regulation PSD2, Direct Carrier Billing can be used to pay for physical goods and services.

Direct Carrier billing is available everywhere in the world to everyone who owns a cell phone. It can be a mobile network subscription via monthly bills or via the credits or prepaid SIM cards. Accessible directly on Stores or in Apps and Digital Services.

The direct carrier billing market is composed of local and international key players.

  • Telecom Operators
  • Merchants of goods and services
  • Master Aggregators
  • Aggregators
  • Users

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