Bundling in Carrier Billing: With the Right Partner, its a Universe Plenty of Opportunities

how to make the most of carrier billing bundling

In today’s world, carrier bundling is on the rise. It is an effective marketing tool, for both carriers and merchants, designed to accelerate user acquisition and improve customer lifetime value. But bundling in the current digital content ecosystem requires large resources in order to respond to the needs of the market. In Digital Virgo, through our DV Pass payment expertise, we offer solutions adapted to the needs of each client. One single connection for a full management of high-performing bundling operations.

Discover more about bundling opportunities and the importance of counting with the right business and technological partner.

5G Cloud Gaming – How can Carrier Billing bring more revenue growth?

driving Clo

A Juniper Research report found that mobile and cloud gaming will lead the growth of the gaming industry which is set to exceed $200 billion in value in 2023. 5G rollout in some of the world’s leading economies is accelerating this growth. Find out how Direct Carrier Billing suceeds to become the ideal payment solution for this new trend!

“Zapłać z Plus” w usłudze parkingowej SkyCash

“Zapłać z Plus” w usłudze parkingowej SkyCash

Nasza współpraca ze SkyCash wciąż się rozwija! Integracja Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) daje abonentom Plusa możliwość opłacenia parkingu w aplikacji SkyCash bezpośrednio z rachunku za telefon komórkowy. Czytaj więcej!

Integracja Direct Billingu dla Systemu Myjni Bezdotykowych w Pango

Integracja Direct Billingu dla Systemu Myjni Bezdotykowych w Pango

Prezentujemy pierwszą integrację Direct Billingu dla Systemu Myjni Bezdotykowych! Po uruchomieniu płatności Direct Billing dla systemu parkingów w aplikacji Pango, rozwiązanie zostało również zaimplementowane dla Myjni Bezdotykowych. Nowość dla abonentów sieci Orange, Play oraz Plus aby płacić za obie usługi w poczet rachunku swojego operatora.

Launching our first MEGA PROMO with OOREDOO TUNISIA


Our Team in Tunisia launched their first Mega Promo loyalty program in partnership with Ooredoo Tunisia. Bringing loyalty to the Telco with a Multichannel Mega Promo that gives Ooredoo Tunisia subscribers the opportunity to win several prizes, among them: cash, cars and other prizes. Read more about our loyalty program!

[MENTION] ©Geeky.news – Distribution and payment for video games developed in Africa

They talk about us! Geeky.news shared an article explaining how the African video game industry is flourishing thanks to the development of digital technology. They highlighted Digital Virgo as a key player of the Telecom Payment ecosystem in the continent thanks to our ability to offer efficient and locally adapted mobile payment strategies. Find out more!

Digital Virgo is double awarded at Les Mobiles d’Or Event

Digital Virgo is double awarded at Les Mobiles d'Or

Digital Virgo has been double awarded at Les Mobile D’or – winner of the Mobile Payment award and Special Jury Prize. The French awards celebrates Digital Virgo’s successful partnership with Molotov for the launching of the streaming service in Africa. Find out more!