A year of Data at Digital Virgo

Featured Image - Data Infography

In 2019, more than 370 Billion lines of Data have been collected and managed by Digital Virgo’s teams. Data from transactions and marketing campaigns. Discover One Year of Data at Digital Virgo…

New office in Dubai

Featured image of New Office in Dubai

Based in more than twenty countries around the world, Digital Virgo is accelerating
its growth in the MENA area by setting up a new office in Dubai. A strategic
location that will allow the global telecom payment specialist to strengthen the
development of its activities in the region.

Social networks, the two-headed giants of Digital Marketing

Expertise in social media optimization

There are the social networks we use every day, the ones that allow us to exchange, to share, to scrutinize… And then there are the social networks that sell, transmit and roll out advertising. Between editorial content strategies and media buying, Digital Virgo’s specialists reveal their secrets to master these two-headed giants.

Virgin Radio and DV Live by Digital Virgo, a winning duo

A new season of audience monetization with Virgin Radio

Virgin Radio continues to trust Digital Virgo and its DV Live solution to manage its interactivity operations. This new season started with the contest “Gagne 1 an de loyer” (Win a year’s rent) in Camille Combal’s Virgin Tonic radio show.

#INFODV – SMS Campaigns

SMS campaigns, the most effective communication tool to reach your customers

? The perfect place for brands to keep in touch with their users, is where their clients are… ? On their mobile. SMS ? is the perfect tool to have a direct communication channel between customers and brands. Discover DV Contact by Digital Virgo

Payment of bus tickets via phone bill using SkyCash mobile application

New payment method for bus ticket in Poland

SkyCash is the largest platform of urban services such as bus tickets in Poland. From the beginning of July 2019, a new payment method has been launched in the application. Users of mobile operator PLAY can now buy bus tickets and pay for them from phone bill (Direct Carrier Billing).

Discover country ranking by CPI, Cost Per Install

Discover country ranking by CPI

The CPI, Cost Per Install, is one of the most famous metrics of the mobile marketing ecosystem. It gives the opportunity to measure advertising budget. Discover in this post how CPI is closely linked to the country of distribution.