How did the Bodeboca Acquisition Campaigns Outperformed During the Lockdown?

How did the Bodeboca Acquisition Campaigns Outperformed During the Lockdown?

Addict Mobile, the Group’s brand dedicated to mobile app ecosystem, shared a Success Case about user acquisition during lockdown. The App of Bodeboca, dedicated to the wine world, maintained a positive ROI, obtained 30 point in the iOS ranking and increased the number of effective purchases made on the day of install. Want to know how our Teams achieved these high-performance results? Read the full article!

Direct Carrier Billing: the fastest growing payment method for digital services

DCB is the Fastest Growing Payment Method for Digital Services

DCB enables a fast, easy and secure online payment flow, ensuring high quality user’s purchasing experience. For this reason, it becomes an increasingly popular billing method for digital services. It provides a great opportunity for Mobile Operators to increase their revenues and for Merchants to achieve higher conversion rates.

In this article you will discover more about DCB and Digital Virgo’s role in supporting Major Digital Players in the management of a sustainable ecosystem through its Telecom Payment expertise – DV Pass.

Five Advantages of our Modern Data Stack Infrastructure

Advantages of a modern data stack infrastructure

In this article, you will find out how Digital Virgo organizes its more than 100 billion lines of Data collected to drive the performance of its Payment, Monetization and Marketing activities. Discover the advantages of the Modern Data Stack infrastructure created combining Fivetran, Snowflake & Looker.

Digital Virgo deploys its Electronic Money Institution License in Europe

Since the announcement of its status as an Electronic Money Institution in January, Digital Virgo continues to pursue its objectives. After Lithuania, France, Poland and Slovakia are now covered by the new certification. This is an opportunity for the Group, expert in Telecom Payment, to deploy new services and securely collect turnover on behalf of its partners.

The importance of Local Adaptation in Direct Carrier Billing ecosystem

The importance of local adaptation in Telecom Payment

Direct Carrier Billing, as a simple, fast and secure online payment method, needs to be accessible and meet the specific requirements of each market. Both cultural and technological adaptation are the key elements to achieve high performing results for Telecom Operators and Merchants worldwide. In this article you will learn more about what to consider when talking about local adaptation.

The launch of the Live Chat feature with ‘Dbara by Orange’

The launch of the Live Chat feature with 'Dbara by Orange'

For the occasion of recently passed Ramadan 2020, Digital Virgo’s Marketing and Technical Teams in Tunisia launched the new feature Live Chat with the culinary service ‘Dbara by Orange’. Integrated in collaboration with Orange Tunisia, it connects subscribers of the service with the Professional Chef Wajdi.

Advantages of Whatsapp Bots in Contact Centers

5 advantages of whatsapp bots in contact centers

To optimize the customer experience, Digital Virgo’s Team rolled out its expertise in DV Contact by integrating Whatsapp Bots in Contact Centers. This solution allows clients to reach more than 1500 million users in a fluid and 100% conversational interactions.

PlayVOD – more about the service that operates in 15 countries

PlayVOD – more about the service that operates in 15 countries

Recently with the launch of PlayVOD in partnership with Omantel in Oman, we decided to bring into the light our fastly growing Video on Demand service. Read more about PlayVOD that offers an exclusive library of various videos, series and movies in 15 countries and 8 languages.

We are Agile…More about how we adapt since 2008

We are Agile

Digital Virgo was created in 2008, during the Mobile Revolution. Being part of a complex and changing telecom ecosystem helped us to strength our adaptation and reinvention for over these 10 years. Let’s discover what meaning Agile brings to our Teams and our ways of working.

Pay with Plus implementation with Publico24

Pay with Plus implementation with Publico24

In cooperation with Publico24 and Polkomtel, our DV Pass Team enabled a new payment way via Direct Carrier Billing. Now, Plus subscribers can get an access to Publico24 application and read an unlimited number of magazines – all within the fixed monthly fee.